Flightradar 24 whats happening here?

If you go and look now at Flightradar you see that many people are watching planes which are playing planes at Kabul (a place above pakistan) .
Many planes do go arounds and weird holdings there.

Many people follow airplanes which are flying above or which are starting from there.

Its all just really weird (you will recognise if you go on the menu of planes which are get followed from people most.)

Does some1 know what happening here ?



I’ll have a look

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I have no idea lol

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Hello, please continue here :)

But to add on, I believe those are fighter jets departing Kabul.

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Yep, to confirm. Couple of Mi-171E’s are flying around for the U.S AF under N510VS and N243XX.

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Afghanistan is currently undergoing a “governmental transition”.

There’s a lot of uncertainty and I’m sure many people and interested in what the air traffic looks like over the country’s capital right now.


Screen Shot 2021-08-15 at 8.38.05 AM

I mean, he not lying