Flightplans API - Departure and Arrival ICAOs

Hey Cam!

V1 of the API included DepartureAirportCode and DestinationAirportCode in the response, which was a little off with the first one commonly showing WPT instead of the actual airport ICAO. It was still easy to get around it by grabbing the second waypoint (which usually was the actual airport) if the first waypoint/ICAO was WPT.

In V2 of the API, it seems these two have been eliminated. I’m currently getting the first or the second waypoint to find the departure ICAO and the last waypoint to find the destination ICAO. However, is there a plan to add these back as separate responses? Or is it absolutely going to be the first and last waypoints, and we’ll grab those to get the departure and arrival ICAO values?


Hey Jon! I removed it since it was just taking the first/last waypoints from the waypoints array. We’ll re-add it in the future when we improve flight planning in the app.

Worth noting too, in 20.2, the pilot’s flight plan will show the nearest airport as the first waypoint instead of WPT


Hey Cam!

It’s still relevant to this thread, so I wanted to ask here, again:

Currently, the flightId I grab from the flights API response cannot be found in the flightplans API response. I noticed that the response from the flights API call has 582 keys whereas the flightplans API response returns 264 (at this moment), looking like it’s capped or should be paginated. Anything changed recently? Am I missing something?


Strange - did you just set the flight plan for that flight?

Alright, first of all, Open Beta is blowing up, so don’t worry about this one until you find the time. Could’ve been a temporary thing with the servers.

I had been filtering for callsigns and grabbing flight plans for departure and arrival ICAOs using the flights and flightplans APIs. More than half of the pilots I filtered showed no flight plans, which was quite odd. I tried/waited for about 20-30 minutes. I got curious, so I tracked two pilots down, reached out to one. Neither pilot were showing an FPL.

This is the pilot I reached out to. (The “Grade 1” was the same for both pilots on the ES. I’m not sure if there’s something there, but I haven’t looked into it, yet.)

Asked the pilot, turned out he had an FPL filed, sent me a screenshot.

Now things are showing back up, I think, so it might have been a temporary thing. I’ll be looking into it more later this evening.

I’m on 465, by the way.

Yeah, we had a temporary hiccup this afternoon, it should be fine now.

Let’s keep an eye on it, I can always check this again if there are still issues later during open beta :) Thanks Jon!