Does anyone else have this problem?

Try xhanging the cruise altitude to 34000, and maybe descent rate ti be negative

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I’ve never had any problem until just now

Wait, does the long haul has to be real life routes to work?

I have been using this flight planner for ages, it happens from time to time, like every website it has its server issues. But I can confirm it has nothing to do with whether it is an IRL flight or not. Sometimes it just struggles.

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Thanks for clearing it up, appreciate it!

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So you can make however flight plan you want without there being any problems correct?

No worries, my best guess is that it comes down to when they feel the best time for maintenance and improvement is.

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Yep, that is correct. I know people who have done the most unrealistic routes, like a full round the world and as long as you plan it right, it works.

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Noted. thanks man!

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No worries, enjoy your flight from Miami to Munich!

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I will indeed, Thank you very much! It still didnt work so idk what to do, kinda feeling to lazy to make a long haul flight myself rn

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Good news, it worked!

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I have been having this exact same issue. I just try it a few times, and it eventually works.

P.S. this might belong in the 3rd Party Apps category.


I tried a few times and it worked so thats good!:)

Today isn’t my day apparently. Have you or anyone here had this problem? Cant load in atc or any planes or nothing

It looks like your WiFi isn’t stable enough to load in multiplayer comms. Try another internet connection or restart your application.

Will do and i will let you know if it works, whats weird is that i have never had this happen to me thats why i was kinda suprised…