FlightPlanDatabase.com has direct link for IF now

FlightPlanDatabase.com now has a direct download tab for Infinite Flight now. I like it as I fly the C-130 often and it’s great for General Aviation flying too. You will be amazed how quick you can create a flight plan and copy directly into Infinite Flight now.

You will still need to reference charts to determine your SIDs and STARs for expert flying.


Cool I never use it cause I only use flightaware then put it into Fl-IF


So cool as I always use Flightplan Database


I have just noticed that lol cool

I also always use flightplannerdatabase before flying to the destination I want, my reason is only one, we can choose the route we will specify, and we wait a moment, FPL will soon appear, besides that, also flightplannerdatabase, it looks quite simple🙂😀😁


I also sometimes use Flightaware. If I was before flying on Infinite Flight to the destination I wanted, and on flightaware was just a few flights just show FPL

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Very nice of them to add that, it will help a lot of people.


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