Hello Guys,

I am having a hard time copying flightplan for real world flights from a couple of different websites. I usually jusy copy and paste and then add to Infinite Flight but nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong? Please help! Thanks!

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Make sure you are placing them in once you are spawned in. Try restarting your device and make sure you have the latest update for Infinite Flight too.


Also please note that some of the Fixes listed in the real world flight plan may not be in the simulator yet ;).

Yeah, I restarted the device and it still the same.

Have you tried a re-installment of IF?

What device / OS are you using? And are you updated to the latest version of IF?

I suggest you check out the topic linked by Mr. Levet, that contains a lot of the information I think you need, and if you have questions you can ask there :)

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What I reccomend is putting them one by one, the reason it doesn’t appear is because some of the Fixes are missing in IF, although it sucks putting them individually thats the best option for now as not all fixes in the world are implemented into IF.

If a fix is missing in IF it automatically takes it out or swaps it with a different one. So I don’t think thats the problem.

Yea true, than this must be something different then… Just look at the topic by our dear freind Mr Sandstorm Linked By Our Dear Freind Mr Levet, goodluck and see you in the skys!

Galaxy S8+ I did a couple updates yesterday.

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