Flightplan Suggestion

I have I suggestion about a feature that could be included to help on Long Flights or even the shortests one, but I dont know how to post on feature category, so I’ll try here. Basically on the flight plan settings, we’ve could select the altitude for each waypoint, the VS we want to set to go to the next waypoint and if we want to select as a TOD(Top of Descent). Obviouslly dont need to be like in the Pictures I created, but something compared to it, (Because I’m not a game developer so I dont know where, and how it could be better)

The First Picture, shows how it would appear after we’ve set our flightplan according to the path we want to follow.

The second shows how to set the altitude we want to that waypoint, the VS, and if we want that FIX as a TOD

And the Third is an example on where and how we could get the informations to our route, that I made on FPL TO IF Website…

NOTE** The values its not realistic, its just to show how it could be, i didnt calculated nothing to see if we really could reach that FIX using that VS, and also the flightplan showed on the third picture its not the same of the other ones…

NOTE²** Sorry for my english, Im not from any country that have it as a first or second idiom

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If your on IOS there’s an app that lets you do exactly what your suggesting

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There’s also a feature request if you’d like to take that route. Feel free to take a look. :)


What app is this?

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It’s called IF-Assistant. The Vnav part as far as I’m aware is only available on IOS it’s not on Android


This is a feature request. Please wait until TL2 to post these. Thanks!