Flightplan creation

I am totally confused by this. How do I import a Flightplan from say Simbrief into IF? I have tried copying and pasting but nothing appears. I have watched several videos but am none the wiser. Help,

Hello. Here is a tutorial for you to be able to import the flight plan correctly into the IF:

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Thank you for your prompt response. I have already watched this tutorial twice. It seems to be a guide to using Simbrief. However it gives no guidance as to how to import the created Flightplan into IF? How do I do this? At what stage do I try to import and what is spawning?

If you are willing to slightly reduce the amount of choices you can set, use Infinite Flight FPL Converter, which converts the simbrief flightplan to IF format automatically

Ok tried that and now have some sort of Flightplan imported into IF. Don’t understand how to add takeoff airport into Flightplan but will experiment with it. Thanks for helpful advice.

It usually adds it automatically, once you copy-paste the flightplan into Infinite Flight. You can then also add your procedures within the app, but make sure to delete the waypoints that represent that SID/STAR/APP in the original flightplan to not have duplicates!

I use this website in two ways to make the flight plan. I made some videos showing and how to paste into the IF:

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