Flightplan / Auto Pilot issues

I’ve watched numerous online tutorials and things on how to make flightplans. I’m understand what I need to do to create a flightplan, however I just don’t know how to use the auto pilot as well. I’ve tried many flights however I’ve not been able to because I don’t understand how to use the auto pilot. So if you know how to complete a good flight, that’d be great :)

Hello and welcome to the community! In order to engage autopilot, you have the press the AP button which is on the right. After you press it, the plane is in autopilot. I hope this fixes your problem. If it doesn’t work let me know.

Thanks! So you’re saying all I have to do is press the Auto Pilot button when I’ve created my flightplan?

No. You also need to engage LNAV (which is in the autopilot display) to be able to tell the aircraft to follow the flight plan. This is a useful source: Navigation | Infinite Flight

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To get the aircraft to automatically follow the flight plan route laterally,…

  1. In the NAV menu, ensure that SOURCE is set to GPS.
  2. In the A/P menu, click LNAV.

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