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FlightHub is brand new way to think about Crew Centers.

FlightHub is a supercharged crew center specifically designed for virtual airlines and their pilots. With powerful features like LOA tracking, ACARS integration, and a Live Map, FlightHub provides everything a VA needs to manage and track their activities. The PIREP Images feature even allows VA administrators to confirm the accuracy of submitted reports with pictures of completed flights. If you’re a VA looking for a comprehensive platform to help you streamline your operations and keep your pilots on track, FlightHub is the perfect choice.

Our design philosophy kept VAs in the loop, and we have consistently taken on board new feature requests that have been recommended. Join our communications server for more information.

FlightHub is a brand new crew center, written from the ground up with virtual airlines and their pilots at its core. With advanced permissions and an API for custom integrations, FlightHub offers unparalleled flexibility and customization for VA administrators. The Live Map feature allows you to track the movements of pilots in real-time right from the landing page, and VABot integration brings the power of the best Infinite Flight discord bot to your VA’s fingertips.

FlightHub uses modern foundations built on NodeJS, meaning it’s built to last and provide value for years to come. Whether you’re a VA administrator looking to optimize your operations or a pilot wanting a better solution for your VA, FlightHub is the ultimate crew center.

To view the demo version of FlightHub visit: https://demo.va-center.com, and log in with the following details:

  • PilotID: 41626
  • Password: FHDEMO

To get your VA started with FlightHub you’ll need to choose a hosting provider. We currently partner with VACloud for FlightHub hosting.

VACloud provides an easy way to get started with FlightHub. They have a wide range of plans available, including free plans if you’re not ready to commit financially to FlightHub.


We’re looking for more hosting partners, reach out to sales@va-center.com for more information.

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Amazing thread! Proud to be staff here

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Amazing thread! We might try this out ourselves!

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Looks aesthetically pleasing. Hopefully more VAs may consider onboarding this.

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Thank you!

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Please wish Matei and Robin the Best!


Thanks, and good luck with whatever you want to do in the future!

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