FlightGT's ATC tracking thread[CLOSED]@N/A [PASSED PRACTICAL]

Hello IFC!
Today I decided to open an ATC tracking thread to enhance my controlling skill in order to apply for IFATC in the future!
Any constructive feedback is welcomed!
Because I only have one device for both IF and IFC, you will expect a few minutes’delay after me announcing open at IFC. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Please help me on the following subjects as I am not familiar with them:

  • Transitions
  • RWY change
  • Sequencing



Closed ZGHA
Kind of embarrassing that no one comes 😐 will open tomorrow!

RJBB now open!

Will try to come later, have something to do now

RJBB is closed, thanks everyone who stops by!

Sad to see that you are closed, but yeah you have been opening for one hour :)

From what I noticed:

  • Transition is great at 3,000ft
  • When called inbound for landing you gave me pattern entry. Only minus clearance since you are closing hahaha

Hope to see your action more in future sessions :)

Blue skies,

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Thanks for the feedback! Feel free to join my next session :)


LEPA is now open!

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sorry i can not
i fly with my friend from incheon to Hoch chi minh city

Hello @FlightGT!

I was POWER, and there was no issues, great session!

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LEPA closed! Thank everyone who stopped by!

Thanks! I was a bit panic when dealing with that F22 😂

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LGAV is open!
I just passed the written exam so please help me prepare for the practical. Thanks!

LIMC is open!

Give me 5 minutes and ill swing by

Feedback Delta203VA:

-1st pattern was great i would have just liked the clearance a bit earlier

-2nd pattern pattern entry for my RWY change was good

  • when i landed the exit rwy command should be given at around 70kt but no slower then 60kts min was given at 50kts

Overall you did great no really issues i would like to see you operate with multiple Aircraft in the pattern and best of luck for when you do your practical.

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LIMC closed! Thanks @Jason102 for stopping by!

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A small question: When you requested RWY change you are still at upwind. As I previously cleared you for left traffic, is it suitable to let you “enter right downwind”? This might save extra commands like "after the option … " but will put you into right traffic instead of left

So the after the option would be relly only recommended when someone is inbound and requesting to do touch and gos and I believe its also the same for someone doing a RWY change because your giving them a new direction to enter from

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