FlightCast - Random Infinite Flight Questions for Mark and Jason

In a rare twist, I’m giving you guys the next 30-60 minutes from RIGHT NOW (0200Z Nov21) to ask whatever random question you like about Infinite Flight (or not) for the podcast. No topic!



What’s the best feature in Infinite Flight in your opinion.

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Is this topic spoopy?
Do any of you have a mustache?
What aircraft have you flown?


What changes you have seen over the years?

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What flights will you do when Global is released? Have you done flight testing for global?
(For Mark)

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For Mark: How did you get into aviation and have you ever heard of a Maule?

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For both: Have you flown the super decathlon in IF? And/or do you like it? Have you ever flown in a glider? If you have, what type?


How in the earth did you guys find infinite flight and what made you interested in aviation?

Also what’s the dumbest forum topic you’ve came across? 😂

If you guys were devleopers, what one aircraft would you two add? (Different aircraft for both of you)


Are you ever going to sing for us on the podcast? 🎙🎤 I know you sing in your own small band so it would be fun to hear you sing 🎶 a solo.


Opinions on the Rubik’s Cube and its role in Infinite Flight.


I was going ask about the Rubik’s cube too, I thought it was too far, lol.

How’s the bromance with @SkyHighGuys going?

On the serious side, does the C-130 bring any features unique to itself that you particularly enjoy, or is that classified?


Opinions on the forum and how was it when it first started

When global comes out. Where will you fly from and to?

Why aren´t you coming back to Atlanta to visit your favorite, Emil.
Why doesn´t FlightCast deliver t-shirts personally?
Hi Mark
How cold is it in Canada?
What´s your favorite airplane in IF
Mark, whats your best advice to an aspiring pilot
What´s y´all´s favorite type of drink
What do y´all think of the US Election
How do you think the US will change, after I go back to europe?
How do you think the US was affected when I moved to America
What is your favorite movie?
How as IF affected your life?
Who, in this community has made the greatest impact on you?


What are some of Joshua’s greatest qualities?

Hey, you said any question. ;)

In all seriousness, how do you envision your life would be different if IF wasn’t around and you hadn’t met all the great people you know today?


For Jason:
How hard is it to make the podcasts? (Like time spent etc)
Airbus or Boeing and why?
Do you go to airports and spot planes?

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  • Cat or dog person?
  • Favorite food/drink?
  • Favorite past time activity other than Infinite Flight?
  • Favorite airport to control in Live?
  • What is your worst/best Live experience?
  • How in the world did you find Infinite Flight?

*questions pertain to both of you.


If you were to choose between lifetime supply of Pizza and lifetime supply of economy class tickets, which one would you pick?

Controlling at TS1 KLAX ground for 5 mins or EGBB for two hours on expert?

Do tell Mark that I simply LOVE the way he says ‘ya’ll’ 😅