FlightCast Questions needed for livery creator, Ryan Vince


Hey FlightCast Listeners!

Our next guest on FlightCast is @Ryan_Vince, who is a livery and texture editor for Infinite Flight, as well as a real world ramp service agent, and ground security coordinator and station trainer for Trego Dugan Aviation, serving primarily Frontier flights.

Ask your questions here. I’m specifically interested in Infinite Flight related questions, but ask whatever you like. I’ll work in as many as we have time for.



When creating a livery, how do you get such an accurate layout of the details on aircraft, specifically in the more complicated liveries?


This should be interesting!

My question is, do you decide on what liveries get added, and how hard was it for you to implement 4K textures compared to the regular textures?


How long does it take on average to complete one livery on the 787 with its 4k textures?

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First congrats on getting the liveries so amazing!
My Questions:

  • What liveries have been the hardest/easiest to edit?

  • Have there been any liveries that you would like to see in infinite flight but for some reason you weren’t allowed?

  • How did you start editing the liveries for IF?


How long does it take to make a livery?

How much about the livery can you choose (tail number, aircraft name (if there is one), etc) or do the devs tell you what to put?

I have a question:

How/Why did you start creating liveries for the planes in Infinite Flight?

  1. What has been your favourite to design/edit and why?

  2. Is there any particular lively/aircraft combo (irl & IF) that you think looks the best?

  1. What’s the favourite livery you have designed?
  2. What’s the hardest livery to design been?
  3. How long does it usually take to make a livery?
  4. Do you ever have copyright issues when making a livery?

Thanks for the great work you do!

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  1. What got you interested in become a ramp agent?
  2. Did working around airplanes create the desire to add your input and liveries into the sim?
  3. have you ever flown before or are you a grounded agent purely,
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Do you have a dislike towards Russian planes?

Whats the best with creating liveries?

Hey I know that guy. My question is how in the world do you get any sleep between doing everything?


I guess he will just say he doesn’t sleep. Aviation is more important than sleep… 😄

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Why do you like drawing liveries?

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What do you use to make your liveries?
Why don’t you make special liveries?

Did you get mad at every “small detail” livery error complain ? (From the community members)

Is creating liveries hard and how did you get into infinite flight?

  1. How and why did you work for FDS?

  2. What’s your favorite livery?

  3. What’s your least favorite livery?

  4. If any, what are some of the non requested livery that you wanted to add? What are some of the most requested livery that you don’t feel like adding?

  5. How did you gain your passion for aviation?

  6. How did you met one of the developers and become one of them?

  7. On a scale from 1-10, how difficult is it to make one single livery? 1 being extremely easy and 10 extremely difficult.

  8. When people complain about a livery, for example: livery being too ugly or wrong layout of a livery, how do you feel? Will you ever fix it later on? What would you say to the people that complained?

  9. If you have any, what do you do in your spare time?