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To all FlightCast listeners…

Many of you have asked for more content and more community questions to be asked in the podcast episodes. As you all know, FlightCast is a free podcast with no obligation to donate or even listen.

We are thinking of adding a new option for our listeners to support the podcast and keep it at cruising altitude! This will take the shape of a members-only content area of flightcast.audio, where members will get access to bonus material such as:

  • Before and after the interview content (often we’re on the line for an extra 10 minutes, up to an hour with our guests or just each other)
  • LOTS more community questions and answers for guests
  • Bonus videos and vlogs of behind the scenes content
  • Tons of extra content from Infinite Flight mod and staff meetups - these are goldmines
  • Possible exclusive in-person interviews or tours as are made possible by real world aviation guests
  • Unlimited selfies of Mark

These are just ideas and it’s a work in progress. No guarantee on how much extra content would be available, and I might make it also available as a one-off payment option as well. So let’s say you don’t want to subscribe, but would love to know more about the pig farm I visited in rural Ontario with @Carson (okay, bad example maybe but you get the idea). A one-time payment to access that content might be more appropriate for you.

I’d love to know how much you’d consider paying for something like this. It’s an idea very similar to patreon.com but at a low price point so the bonus is the content (and perhaps a discount on FlightCast merchandise).

With all that said, how much would you pay for something like this, in USD?

  • More than $10 per month
  • Between $5 and $10 per month
  • Between $2 and $5 per month
  • $1 per month
  • No thanks, but I would consider one-time payments for content that really interested me.
  • This is stupid. Pls make free.

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Thanks, everyone!


I think this would be a great idea, Jason! I’d love to support my favorite podcast even further!


Just wait for all the people press the “this is stupid, make it free” button. But I would love to support you in anyway Jason!


I was thinking maybe a yearly subscription, or you are not looking into that, Jason? :)

Great idea. Honestly, you have to decide what price fits best for you.

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Great idea! [quote=“jasonrosewell, post:1, topic:92298”]
Unlimited selfies of Mark

Just to clarify, this must be included for me to purchase.


I don’t think so, Paul. It’s not a service I can just “turn on” and leave it. I wouldn’t want to take money for a 12 month period if I had to stop for some reason.


I would love to donate $10+ a month if some of the proceeds were available to pay CC transcribers for the F-CAST material.


Sorry, Joshy. One day I hope to have this corrected.

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Do it out of support. Why do you expect something for the money you don’t earn 😐


I stand behind this. Well said Jason!

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I can mail you my paycheck and raise you $20, if you like. It takes two to fiddle and all that other crap.

Plus, I’m a gift giving angel. :)

But my eyes…you don’t gift my eyes with your landings. ;)

Maybe will be interesting to see or hear how IF is behind the scenes,how many time take to develop an aircraft,liverys,airports.Who and why decided wich new aircraft are to be in IF, A chat with the developers. Who are the real IF team.how many efforts IFATC give to IF…just same ideas


@MarcelloM definitely! Maybe even a google hangouts video chat for members with the devs! 😱


Sure. Please mail me your pay check. Just be sure to sign the back of it first so I know it’s real.

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Just remember I’m only doing this for the selfies. Just the selfies.

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I do not want our pig adventures to go public.


Yes, please. Count me in too. $10+ from me too.

Wait, so now I gotta pay to see a picture of Mark?