FlightCast Plane Building Episode(s) - Questions Needed πŸŽ™

Hey Everyone!

On FlightCast we are diving further into real world aviation this week for a 2 part episode on kit planes and general airplane building, maintenance, and ownership. Some of you might remember my friend Cam Murch (video below), who I sometimes fly with in his Murphy Rebel. Cam and his friend Bob Fisher (fellow Rebel owner on amphibs), along with Glenn who is building a Zenith STOL CH 801.

Of course Mark and I will work in some Infinite Flight news and feel free to ask IF questions (noting who the question is directed at). For the rest, I’m looking for questions related to airplane ownership, GA flying in Canada, kit plane building/maintenance, etc., and anything related to the Murphy Rebel, Zenith 801, or tail draggers.

EDIT: Cam and Bob bought their airplanes already built. Glenn bought his partially built and he’s finishing it. Sorry - should have noted that earlier.

Interview is this Friday, February 10th at 1000EST.



What are some of the greatest challenges in building a kit plane? How hard is it to purchase or obtain the materials needed for building the overall powerplant system and the mainframe of the aircraft?

Once a build is completed, what do you do regarding the testing phase to ensure airmanship quality? Are there trials or a checklist to run through? If so, does the plane officially have to be certified by the transportation committee equivalent of Canada?

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Glenn- after deciding to build a kit plane, what has been the biggest challenge so far? How did you decide where to build and store your airplane? Have there been any costs that came up that weren’t in your initial budgeting and if so how did you overcome that. Last, why did you choose this kit?

Cam- other than maintenance, fuel and storage, what is the next largest cost associated with owning your airplane.

Mark- how many mountain dews for the day so far?

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Jay you are the man coming up with new and interesting guests!

more of some general questions to get the ball rolling:

  • How did your guests first get involved with kit building aircraft
  • What is the regulations like with regards to testing before being allowed to fly a kit aircraft? (E.g. Boeing spend years of ground tests before doing any flight tests, how does it work in the Kit Aircraft world?)
  • What Pilot licenses do you need to fly a Kit Aircraft?
  • Do the aircraft need to be stored at an airfield and regularly inspected by FAA (or equivalent) inspectors or can they be β€œkept in the garage” and flown form the grass strip in the back garden?
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Are there special permits relating to owning a kit plane, and if so, how do you go about getting them?
Does a kit plane have to regularly pass inspections?
How often do you try to fly your plane?

That’s all from me :)

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can pretty much anyone buy a kit plane and build it? Are there certain regulations that you have to meet in order to buy, build and mainly fly a kit plane. I.E PPL etc.

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Alright, here’s my question: Do you know a Kitflyer that has already crashed/had an incident, because he f**ckd up putting it together. So basically, are risks higher you’ll have problems than with a conventional airplane?

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Jason you and mark should interwiew at justplanes wouldnt that be a great episode?

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What sort of testing do you have to do through, if any, before your kit plane is OK to fly in (or you would feel safe to fly in)?

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Very interesting :) I’ll be sure to tune in, I’ve recently started watching and I’m loving it.

Does this include comercial aircraft?

No. We’re talking about kit planes. These guys are private pilots.

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Is there any regulation on how you should build the plane?
How do you make sure you apply the correct attributes (flaps, throttle, etc) for the first flight?.(since you don’t know how the plane flies, its efficiency)

Hey Jason great choice of guest :)
Is flying in a tail glider more or less easy than a normal GA aircraft?
How did you start out as a kit builder/maintenance?

Jason: Are you going to give more information on FlightCast Airport Cafe?

Thanks :)

Do you mean tail wheel aircraft?

Yes :)

Yes sir Jason. Lol sorry if that’s a stupid question but I’m not a huge expert on GA.

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When put in comparison with regular, basic GA aircraft, do kit aircraft provide any benefits or disadvantages that are not posed by regular GA aircraft? Specifically in regards to costs, aircraft technology, weight and performance, etc…

Looking forward to this episode, Jason!

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