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This question is for Laura:

Infinite Flight has been around for 5-6 years. Throughout the evolution of the game, how have your major projects influenced your overall coding skill and ability? Has it improved? Out of all the updates besides Global, which one was the most difficult to produce, and did you learn anything from it?



To any staff member:

Do you think the release of Global flight will reduce the sense of community on IF Live? (For example, players will not be flying in close proximity anymore and most airports will be significantly quieter).


How often does the whole team work together? Do you guys meet up every week to discuss what your going to work on and then work in your homes the rest of the week, or do you always work together?


Any plans to support sloped runways at places like Courcheval and Lukla?


Mark, give us in 15 words, how San Fran compares to Bama.

Mark, total for the trip, how many mountain dews?

Laura/Philippe- How many hours, combined or individual, do you say you have invested in the creation of Global?

Jarno- I think people have forgotten about the awesome aircraft you are developing, hows it looking, hows the development going?

Tyler- What are your expectations for the ATC community once Global comes out? With the possibility of controllers being so spread out across the globe, what are the biggest challenges you see?

Jason- With the recent news of your friend loosing his aircraft, how is he doing? With it being so close to the accident still, has he made or expressed any plans to purchase a new kit plane?


Have you ever thought about reimplementing the ATIS system?

How are frequencies gonna work in global? For example, the major ocean crossing frequency is Gander Radar, based in Canada. Is this going to exist in IF once global comes out?

Do we get better PAPI lights? ;)


I think the flightcast should include as many questions as possible not half of yours 😜

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I think it should be quality over quantity… let that soak in… 😜


IF the community wasn’t as strong as it is today, would IF be as good and as strong as it is today? Is the community a large part of the motivation for the developers and the staff that work on it?

Anyone can answer!


Hey everyone, hope your doing well this morning.
This question is for Philippe and Laura.
How do you feel after all the work you’ve put into Global?

When will we get ATIS?

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As Philippe has stated before, one of the items high in the list to be worked next is night flying. Could you brief us what you are planning to rework and what are the challenges to implement, for example, taxi lights. Thanks a lot and kudos to the entire team!

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Is the TV show Silicon Valley accurate?


Here’s a great question for Laura and Phillipe, if you had to kill off one of the current planes in Infinite Flight, which would you pick and why?

asking the real questions here, i like it!

Hey, I have been playing IF for more than 2 years.
What I want to know is, How did Laura had the thought of creating a flight simulator which now comes in the Top 10 apps in some Countries? In short I mean, like, What is the background of Infinite Flight? When did the first ever flight of Infinite flight took off and by whom? Who are the devs who invented this great app(obviously Laura,Phillipe, is there anyone else)?

Do the work on Infinite Flight affects the β€œnormal” life? If yes in a positive or negative way?

Do you ever get nervous pushing the button to releas it to apple? Like are you nervous something could go wrong?

This question goes to Laura. You, Tyler, Mark, and Jason are in a sinking ship, you can only save one. Which one do you choose? I’ll hang up and listen.


For Jarno: what is the work involved that goes into aircraft textures, graphics, and livery making. On avg how long would it take you to make a livery?

Also, is there any inspiration you use to pick registration numbers/letters on planes, or is it completely random?

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I can’t wait for this one! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Also, my question specific to Laura, how much did you laugh when you saw posts speculating Global to come out when it’s not?
For e.g. Global won’t come out until January, 2018…
If you get what I’m saying…