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To Laura : What was the biggest step in the evolution of IF ? (ATC / Fly Online / โ€ฆ?)

Could you tell us, what ist final state of IF ?


Have you ever been at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport in real life?

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Will you change the name to Finite flight when fuel burn is released or will you keep the name as it is?


What liveries of the MD-11 going to be added for sure?


Will one day the hommie 757 get a rework?
Do you think it is necessary to add a lot of special liveries?


To any developer:

  1. What programming tools do you use to code IF?
  2. ~ how many hours of coding time has gone into Global?
  3. What type of servers / hardware config does IF use?
  4. Will there be a party with the release of Global? If yes, Can I come? LOL

Thanks for all the hard work.


What apps would the devs like to see built using the API?

Are there any plans to include more general aviation aircraft and gliders / helicopters?

Is there future scope for user created liveries?

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  • What aircraft are you going to work on besides MD-11/DC-10?

  • Any ideas to update or rework the Airbus planes?

  • Why do you want to create Infinite Flight? Any reasons behind the idea of building this app?

  • Why do you want to pay for Discourse to make this colourful and inspirational Community? What inspires you to do that? Whatโ€™s your comment about this Community?

  • What will be your favourite route after Globalโ€™s coming?

  • Whatโ€™s the biggest flaw you have ever experienced in developing this Global Update? Or maybe in building Infinite Flight?

  • Whatโ€™s your comment about the recent development of Infinite Flight? Are you happy with the recent rapid growth?

To end my question list, I would like to thank to all of the developers who have been developing this app. From a rookie simulator until like today. Even some airlines wanted to upload a photo about Infinite Flight! Thatโ€™s an awesome milestone for us and once again thanks to this beautiful community who have seen and participated in Infinite Flightโ€™s growth until today! I wish Infinite Flight can be a better sim in the future and may reach the best sim in portable devices. All the best for PC plans too


Another one:
Are we gonna have IFโ€™s biggest FNF just after the release and if so where will it be?


Hi!I am a bit worried about the IFATC, you have a plan of how will be in the global scenario? how do you plan to do in order to offer a service? thank you so much for everything! compliments for the beautiful work!


1.) Do you guys/gals plan to add gear tilt or realistic weather ( clouds, snow, rain, etcโ€ฆ )? If it would be a yes, how complex would it be to implement especially for the clouds to make them look " unique " from one another

2.) Currently, how many users/people has access on alpha right now?

3.) Howโ€™s the current UI for mobile?

4.) Hows the current progress for global flight?

And finally, when is it coming?? ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ JK


If some huge rival company decided to buy FDS for practically any amount of money, would you let them buy it? Why will/wonโ€™t you let them buy FDS?

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Hi FDS Teamโ€ฆ Questions for 25th

  1. Who was last to arrive this morning :-)

  2. Where do you see infinite flight in the next 18 months?

  3. Do you plan on doing any future Flight casts on location anywhere?

  4. Your team has grown rapidly do you see yourself having to look for real estate office space in the future ?

  5. Been apart of the journey now for 6 years and ive seen it grown, what are your asperations or your vision for infinite flight , with apps for ever growing and involving or inovating where can you go after global ?

  6. Whats your current users that have subscibed for LiVe flight ?

P.S - 2018 im finally coming to san fran on vacationโ€ฆ we can do lunch he he :-)


Has Alpha and Beta testing with Global been relatively smooth or have there been some interesting or unique challenges? Any examples?

How many investors/owners are there with FDS and do you envision it ever being publicly traded?

What percentage of FDS staff works full time for FDS vs has a โ€œday jobโ€? Are all staff paid or is it more or a volunteer/hobby gig?

Who brought breakfast this morning and who was the last to arrive?

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With the fuel consumption, can you rename this sim Finite Flight?


NO! We should NOT do that! Infinite Flight sounds waaay nicer!


When IF first came out did you expect to have this many people playing it ?


What will happen on Jul 22, 2290 4:29 am ?


What is your dream third-party app - something youโ€™re likely not planning to get to in the next years but youโ€™d love it if someone would make a third party app for? Asking for a friend.


Sure, I can :
Every Android User dreams of your In-Flight Assistant !