FlightCast LIVE in San Francisco! Ask your questions here! ๐ŸŽ™


#FlightCast is coming to you LIVE from San Francisco, California!
This is an episode no Infinite Flight fan should miss! We are gearing up for the most epic FlightCast episode yet as we prepare to VIDEO stream from downtown San Francisco. Our stream will feature the entire Flying Development Studio staff all in one room in one of the most exciting times in Infinite Flight history. As the FDS team gears up for the next major release of the sim which will include Global Flight, weโ€™re giving listeners a chance to ask questions. Laura might even give us a global flight preview LIVE on the stream!*

Weโ€™re anticipating a fairly good response to this, so here are a few tips to have your question asked on the show:

  • Remember, there are some obvious questions we will already be asking, so you wonโ€™t likely get any credit for it if you ask things like, โ€œwhat has been the most challenging part of creating global flight?โ€ or, โ€œwhat do you think is next for Infinite Flight after global is released?โ€
  • Try to be original. Read the whole thread. If the question has already been asked, the first person to have asked will get credit for it.
  • If your question is for someone specifically, please say who itโ€™s directed towards.
  • No, Joe will not be in Stephenโ€™s lap this time, and no, we wonโ€™t have a cat on the show this time. Sorry.

Donโ€™t want to miss the show? Afraid you might forget? Here are a few things you can do:

Have fun asking questions, and please be respectful of each other!

*Global Flight preview isnโ€™t guaranteed but weโ€™ll do our best.


What do you think sets Infinite Flight apart from other flight simulators? What makes it so special to you?


What was the part you enjoyed most about developing/releasing global flight? (Since we all know she really enjoyed it :)


How long did it take you to create the original release of IF? How long does it take to add a new plane from scratch?


Why did you choose the name Infinite Flight?
Did you consider any other names?


What do you think Infinite Flight will be like in 2025?



Real question: What do you think will be the most popular addition from the global update (besides global of course)?


Is there progress on the DC-10 and MD-11 Update?


When will da A350 come ;-;

But really though, how much is left to do for global?

(and that first question if you have the time :3)


What made you decide to add multiplayer, with ATC, to the game?


What is your main goal for IF? Global, Certain amount of users, Realistic weather?


Do you think IF could do better in terms of the fleet of GA aircraft available? Iโ€™m sure many of us want to see more GA aircraft like the PC-12 or the bae hawk or even mooneyโ€™s


What do you want to achieve by end of 2018?
What is your favourite aircraft?
What was the hardest aircraft to create?
Which do you prefer - Flight Tracker or Live Flight?


How hard was it to code global?

How much time did you spend adding the scenery?

How easy is it to transfer global from pc to mobile?


What inspired you to work on infinite flight at the beginning and global?


All these global questions ๐Ÿ˜‚

  1. What is your favorite plane currently in Infinite Flight?
  2. Will Joe be at this Infinite Flight Staff meet up?

Rate the comunity from 1-10. Whats your favourite city?


What are the challenges or difficulties you might face if you added or wanted to add separate engine sound packs for different aircraft in the sense that each aircraft has their own unique sound like IRL?


Some maybe interesting questions for you guys, I have my fingers crossed to get a short answer for the Concorde :

1. Do you still plan on implementing the Concorde, is that still a thought ? :)
Thanks for clearing that up :)

Also, a pretty specific question for Laura and Philippe :
I personally am into jet flying a lot in Infinite flight.
2. The F14 has different โ€œliveriesโ€, one of them default without tanks and weapons and one with tanks. Will the range be different on those 2 models ? Will the version with tanks have more range ?

Another probably interesting question for the future :
3. Will updates be more frequent in the future, like in terms of time in between updates ? Because I have heard you plan on adding a lot of more aircraft in the future.

4. As @Mubashir mentioned above, can you imagine aircraft like the BAE Hawk, the ViperJet or a PC12 turboprop in the sim? This should be an interesting one :)

Directed to the developers again :
5. Was there ever a point, where you didnt know how to fix an issue while coding and had to screw a project?

6. How do airports with uneven runways look like, can you give us a preview? (Courchevel e.g.)

7. On satellite images, often there are clouds shown. Was this a threat or wont there be image bugs at all?

Extremely important question should also be this one :
8. Are we able to refuel on the ground ? Multi-stop routes otherwise obviously dont work, which would be a sad thing to knowโ€ฆ

9. What do you think about specific update cycles? Like have 4 updates every year, spring update is an aircraft update, while summer update is a rework update, autumn update is a military aircraft/ GA and in the winter/christmas new features like wind and taxiway lights or so ?

I wish you guys a lot of fun during the podcast and a great time, especially to the moderators like Marc, Henrik or Misha ( will he be there ? ), who mostly work behind the scenes. Have fun guys and mainly have an interesting talk !

All the best,