FlightCast Live in Las Vegas! Last chance for Questions

FlightCast is coming to you LIVE from Las Vegas, Nevada!

When? Monday, June 11th at 1400EST, 1100PST, 1800GMT
Where? FlightCast YouTube Channel

This is an episode no Infinite Flight fan should miss! Preparations are well underway for the Infinite Flight Staff team to assemble at FlightSimExpo in Las Vegas. What better time to also prepare the next LIVE FlightCast stream?

We’re anticipating a fairly good response to this, so here are a few tips to have your question asked on the show:

  • Remember, there are some obvious questions we will already be asking, so you won’t likely get any credit for it if you ask things like, “what has been the most challenging part of creating the CRJ?” or, “what is the next aircraft you’re adding?”
  • Try to be original. Read the whole thread. If the question has already been asked, the first person to have asked will get credit for it.
  • If your question is for someone specifically, please say who it’s directed towards.

Don’t want to miss the show? Afraid you might forget? Here are a few things you can do:

Have fun asking questions, and please be respectful of each other!


Jason, obviously FlightCast has gotten larger with it’s reach, even outside of the Infinite Flight community. What inspired you to start FlightCast?


What has been the most challenging part of creating the CRJ?

What is the next aircraft you’re adding?


Slack goes down for 10 minutes and you start running around in circles clucking.


What is your goal in the future for Infinite Flight?
What was your favorite feature you’ve created so far?
Will Infinite Flight ever be on PC or on a console?

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Seeing all of these people coming from all over the world (Misha) for a Flight Simulator Exposition because of Infinite Flight must be amazing… Does it ever come to your mind that you guys have in some way impacted so many peoples lives and sparked so much aviation love in the world (Youth Especially - Where aviation love is lacking)? How does this all make you feel?

-Much Love,

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Actual qs:

  • What challenges come with a growing staff team?
  • Do you think that FDS will continue to grow internally or will extenal help [such as PR/HR] be needed at any point soon?
  • What kind of brand image is Infinite Flight looking to promote going forward?

Will the wind map be added at the next update?😂😂

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What part of doing Flightcast do you enjoy most? Is it being able to interview guests? Traveling to locations like this? Hearing Mark laugh?

  1. Has @JoshFly8 been arrested yet in Vegas ?

  2. Where does IF see itself in 5 years ?

  1. What is the most challenging part of re working an aircraft in general?
  2. Now that we have this “standard” level quality with the CRJ, will it be easier and less time consuming to develop other aircraft?
  3. What is something that seemed like such a tiny change to us but what in realty one of the more challenging things to overcome?
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What are you personal goals for the future of IF, do you have any features or aircraft you desperately want and do you ever need to sacrifice anything you personally want in order to meet your customers needs. If so is there an example of this?


How do you reflect on infinite flight and see how far is has come?
and is the CRJ just the beginning as to what possibly in store for the future?

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How’s everyone been since flightcast hasnt been on for a while?

What is your favorite CRJ livery?

What is your favorite aspect of IF and the community?

Lastly, should I go to Oshkosh or FlightSim Expo?

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Do you have any plans on introducing the ‘‘Center’’ frequency in upcoming updates?

  1. Since the community has been witnessing exponential growth since the inception of global, the forum is saturated with all the necessary information, what are your plans to keep the community/forum engaged in useful and productive discussion?

  2. How will the new pricing system be more advantageous than the older one?

  3. With the addition of Jason as “Digital Marketing” to the team, will Infinite Flight be venturing into new possibilities/advertisements to lure more customers?

  4. What the improvements planned for the navigation side of the simulator? (Real life fixes, STARs, SIDs, navaids, etc.)


Well first off, how’s the baby doing @jasonrosewell.

And now some questions for the interview.

  • Are 3D buildings ever coming to the sim, or can we just brush that idea off our shoulders?

  • And with the recent adding of the working windshield wipers on the CRJ-700, are you guys thinking about adding weather into the sim?


Philippe and Laura, how did you guys meet? What we’re your initial goals for Infinite Flight? Did you ever think it would come this far? What are the steps that go in to creating a new airplane from scratch like the CRJ-700? What is the next step in the development of Infinite Flight?

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Are there plans to address the balance of quality and storage space?

As everyone is wanting higher quality graphics, at some point a device may run low on space downloading tons of planes at an airport. Are there plans to make options to only download certain planes while showing a default / low res version for planes not wanted in an effort to conserve space?

How’s the family? Are you sleeping? Are you sad I can’t make it to Vegas?