FlightCast LIVE from San Fransisco! 251800ZFEB17


It’s almost here! FlightCast will be streaming LIVE to our YouTube channel on Saturday, February 25th, 2017 at 1000PST/1800Z from San Fransisco, California! This episode will feature the entire FDS staff - this is one you do not want to miss!

Be sure to subscribe to the FlightCast YouTube Channel to receive streaming notifications. See you there!



I can’t wait for this! Thanks for all of your hard work!

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Can’t wait! I’ll be listening!

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Jason thanks for making this good timing for Europe also. I’ll be sure to watch.

Dare I ask, what do you have planned?


Wow that’s going to be awesome! Can’t wait…!

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This is great. Look forward to it.

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They must have something planned … 😉

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I know what your thinking … global !


Will be there inshallah

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Awesome! Can’t wait! Ive got one question… will this be available after the live stream?


Yes - it definitely will. I realize that’s very early the next day for you! It will be available both on YouTube after the fact, and via the normal podcast in audio form.


Nice! Thankyou! :) :)

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Make sure you discuss about myself and my wonderful qualities. ;)

That aside, I’m glad there’s a huge effort to deliver a quality stream to get in touch with the community. Already miles ahead from last time! Thanks, Jay. Looking forward to seeing the live feed and chat interaction.


The day after my first flight lesson! Can’t wait to see this one!


I’ll be sure to watch this after it’s been livestreamed, just as long as this topic doesn’t turn into “Spoil That Livestream”

This is great! You haven’t had a talk with Philippe in a long time!

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Its topics like this that make me can’t wait.

New here. Can’t wait to see what goes on.

Wanna invite me too? I live 30 minutes from San Francisco,

i’ll bring snacks and all of that

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