FlightCast Episode 9 - We may have broken the interwebs

Hi Everyone!

Hey Everyone! Episode 9 of FlightCast with @jreilly2311 and surprise guest @Mark_Denton is live! A few other members of the group are mentioned in this episode as well (@Zachary_Meir_Tish, @Heavydriver, @Maxmustang, @Tyler_Shelton, @StikLover2, and @Tristan_Hensley - sorry if I forgot anyone!)!

Mark and Joe hijacked my show and hilarity ensued.


Thanks for listening, and please enjoy!

  • Jason

@jasonrosewell… Interesting, informative and humorous in spots. I give you 4 stars for content and continuity and 5 for effort. Your guest once they got into it put it all in perspective. Might suggest you dip down into the ranks and get some of the non-FDS types on as quests. In my IF travels I’m meet some unique personalities and aviation professionals who could fill your script with insightful aviation lore only heard in ready rooms. You “Do Good Work” for a liberal pacifist! Next time I want a correction; 'm a God Bleep U.S. Marine!
Semper Fi, Max Sends

(There is no such thing as an ex or retired Marine. We are a band of brothers who continue the March)


You guys are right, I am too good to talk to you ;)
Great episode!


A MARINE!!! GAh… I knew I would get it wrong. Many apologies (I’ll drop and give you 50… honest).

And I agree… FlightCast will branch out into more topics and personalities. Just give me some time to get into the groove!

The great thing about a pacifist is that all you get when you disagree is peaceful protest ;)

Thanks, Max!

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Dang Brits.

For the record, I am a non-FDS type! Glad you enjoyed it Max!

Cam…keep doing mediocre work 😐!


You love us really, otherwise you will have waved goodbye to the Commonwealth :)

It’s awesome Jason! I am listening to it and laughing with you guys :)

@jreilly2311 Knew that Joe, just had to rub in some salt. I’m so tired of the bloviating about the “Crew”. I have great respect for all of them but there’s more to IF than just a few good men “Who Can’t Handel the Truth”! (Jack Nicolson as Col. Jessup USMC in “A few Good Men”)

“It’s not lost on me that a podcast about a flight simulator is extremely nerdy…but you’re the one listening to a podcast about a flight simulator”…touche my friend ;) :p - at least you seem to be talking to real life people ay! :p

Great Podcast though - right amount of humour and IF talk :) - as always, look forward to the next :)

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Oh boy. Max Mustang!

Love the southern voices xD


Surprised you didn’t mention Tyler’s name in this one. Mysteriously absent from discussion