FlightCast Episode 61 - Angle of Attack with Chris Palmer

Hello, FlightCast listeners!

Mark and I are back with a brand new episode featuring Chris Palmer from the AviatorCast podcast, and the Angle of Attack show on YouTube. You can also check Chris out on instagram @angleofattack. Join us in this episode as Chris motivates us to get out and be great aviators!

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Happy Landings.


Flightcast is back?! 😱 And an interview with Angle of Attack!?

Best thing since global!

Welcome back :D


And, with new intro music! 😱


Finally! Welcome back guys! 👏🏻
My favorite podcast

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Great to see you back in action and great to hear that all is going well Mr Roswell, great work!

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Yay, FlightCast is back! Thank you very much for your hard work. This episode was really interesting, and the new intro is absolutely lit. 🔥

Keep it up!

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Wow, love that opening man. Love it!


We’ve missed you, can’t wait to listen to it


Can’t wait to sit down tomorrow and listen to this. It would be great if you managed to get the podcasts on Spotify


Thanks, everybody. Really nice to hear these positive comments :)

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For newer members, this is your chance to listen to a great aviation podcast. 60 episodes to binge listen. Thanks Jason for bringing a staple element back to the community.

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Very nice of you to say! Thank you.

I apologize in advance for the horrible audio in the beginning episodes. And my lack of talent.

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Glad to see you back in business man!

Hope all is well in the flightcast household!

But it’s actually back now right? 😂

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