FlightCast Episode 58 - Infinite Flight Global


This is the podcast episode you’ve been waiting for! Never has a FlightCast episode been so hugely anticipated than this Infinite Flight Global episode! Joining us yet again to talk about their mobile Flight Simulator are owners and developers, Laura Laban and Philippe Rollin. This interview comes on the verge of the greatest achievement to date for Infinite Flight; Global Flight. And that’s really just the tip of the iceberg. With global flight comes a host of other amazing features and you get the inside scoop only on FlightCast.

Listen now on iTunes or on our website. Thanks for listening!

PS… Sorry about the downtime last night on the website. You guys were so anxious to listen that you crashed my web server. Should be okay now!


Currently I’m finishing the podcast, loved it!


I listened to it before I went to bed last night! Lots of great info! I can’t wait for the stars!


Sorry but I was disappointed about the episode, bought FlightCast cafe for that and we don’t have any price model or update day…


The episode was highly anticipated for sure. Maybe for the first time ever, almost everyone finished listening to the episode before you posted a topic of the podcast.

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Well Laura said something about a “global” package. Hint hint…

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Yet another great episode of FlightCast! I listened to this episode early because I have Cafe (I really recommend it!) I can’t wait for “dumplings” to be added 😉.


My live+ sub just ended. Idk whether to wait to buy another year or wait until pricing info comes out. I wish that information was included.

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That was excellent - well done team.

The good news in particular that there will be an all inclusive monthly subscription offer. This is something I always found to be a bit odd about the present structure.


@jasonrosewell Thanks for the podcast and asking my question. It’s Lszh34 btw 😜 (Icao code of Zurich)

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The pricing model is a big issue right now. My subscription ends on the 23rd this month and I also won’t know what to do if it’s not announced or released by then. Though, Phillippe said the regional flights will still continue, but I’m interested to see if there will be a one-time subscription for all features and the price.


Great podcast!! Can’t wait for the next on on the 8th!

This must be a good promotion for FlightCast! So happy for you guys @jasonrosewell !

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Very fun as always. 🙂 Glad that you got to reveal the night sky feature - that was such a fun surprise when that build hit TestFlight.



Great job as usual Jason. The cafe subscription is well worth it to hear the items that get edited out.

I agree, the stars was a great surprise when it hit the beta group. Bottom line is that this release is going to change how you fly. Thinking about flight plans, fuel, engines, etc. It forces you to pay attention to things like trim, cruising speed, and other things I don’t want to spoil for you. Gives you a new appreciation for the real pilots/crew who live it on a daily basis.


I completely agree, I’m so happy that I got to listen to it 12 hours earlier!

I am currently listening to it and might re-listen. Awesome podcast!


I was not that happy with this episode of FlightCast. Not that it’s bad quality or the server crash, it’s only because I was expecting lot more information in the podcast than what was actually there in it. I’m still being patient, like I have for about an year now and I hope that Global comes out as soon as there are no more major bugs in it. :)


I’m thankful the devs never gave up on global through all of the trial and error they went through! This is going to be a huge milestone for real Infinite Flight. This was a really informative podcast in my opinion.