FlightCast Episode 57 - Ice Pilots Mikey McBryan now streaming


Ice Pilots NWT

Episode 57 with the star of hit TV series Ice Pilots NWT, Mikey McBryan now streaming!

Ice Pilots NWT is a TV series that first aired on the History Channel in Canada and now has 2 seasons streaming on Netflix. The show follows the northern Canadian airline Buffalo Airways, where Buffalo Joe McBryan and his crew brave the harsh winters of Yellowknife to get passengers and cargo to their destinations. Join Jason and @Mark_Denton as they chat it up with General Manager, Mikey McBryan of Buffalo Airways! Huge thank-you to Mikey for making time for FlightCast.

This episode of FlightCast is proudly brought to you by Flying Development Studio, the makers of Infinite Flight.

Thanks for listening!


Sounds fun! Gonna listen to it later!


There is a show on Netflix! It’s pretty cool called Ice Pilots. I will listen in a bit can’t wait


That sure is a nice DC3!


This is a great person to interview Jason, great choice! I personally love the show and have watched both seasons on Netflix. Listening now!


This is probably one of my all time favorites. Love to watch Ice Pilots. Great stuff Jason & Mark.


The guests keep getting better and better! Can’t wait to give this one a listen since I watch the Netflix series!

Once again, great podcast Jason and Mark! Also, congrats on officially partnering with FDS! Looking forward to more podcasts with these great guests! :)

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Great podcast. Discovered this series a little while ago, shame Netflix only has two seasons. Lots of great insights, and I love the way they approached it, - no setups, or minimal if there were.

I guess the freedom came from working in a place like they do, - no time nor the environment for setups, gotta keep things moving, - but certainly worked in the show’s favour. Probably meant they didn’t go too crazy like a lot of other reality celebs do. They got to keep their own crazy, hah.


This was my favorite show ever! I cant believe you made a podcast out of it!!! :)


Awesome show and awesome podcast

Here’s hoping they add the Buffalo fleet to IF

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I would love to have the planes they fly on ice pilots.

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