FlightCast Episode 55 - Warbird Weekend 2017 with Event Coordinator Mo


As many listeners will know, FlightCast will be live at Atlanta Warbird Weekend 2017. This interview features event coordinator and digital media director for the CAF Dixie Wing, Moreno Aguiari. Mo gives us an in depth look at this year’s event!

One of our live interviews on October 7th will be with Infinite Flight developers, Laura Laban, Philippe Rollin, and if all goes well, Cameron! We’ll also have some other members of the Infinite Flight mod team and IFATC.

Thanks for listening!


Cool! I’ll be sure to listen! Also excited for the dev/mod/ifatc interview in October!!!


I’ll be sure to listen also! Especially the one with the devs.

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Let’s pray that the update will be released before 😂


I hope very much so that it will be.

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