FlightCast Episode 54 - Coast Guard C-130


Join us this week with USCG C-130 pilot, Zac Luchini and joining us again for the second week, MH-60 pilot and Zac’s good friend, Wryan Webb. Check out our post on Instagram to follow these guys. https://instagram.com/flightcastaudio.

And hey… we even work some Infinite Flight into this episode again!

Thanks for listening.


Jason, thank you so much for this as I have family serving and retired from the USCG. I’m sure there are many other community members that share the same connection as myself. Can’t wait to sit down and watch this episode. Cheers!

edit: Special Thanks to @Mark_Denton as well! Will send a case of Mountain Dew!


My pleasure! But the thanks goes to @Mark_Denton since he put all the leg work into setting this one up.



Just in time for me to down load and listen in my commute home tonight!

Awesome, I cannot wait to get home and watch this new episode in general!

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