FlightCast Episode 52 - Art of Alaska

Hey there, FlightCast listeners.

Today on FlightCast we’re excited to bring more of Alaska to your ears! As difficult as it is to capture the beauty and wonder of the Alaskan wilderness, The Art of Alaska’s Bob Thompson and John Hume do an amazing job through their aviation artwork. Listen in as we hear stories from these two great artists.

I won’t be pinning these posts anymore as they are relating less and less to Infinite Flight. I just don’t have the content to continue keeping the podcast Infinite Flight related. @Mark_Denton and I hope that you continue to listen and enjoy as we bring you aviation content. We hope to get back into some IF content eventually when we have something to share. Thanks for listening!


Looking forward to listening! Another Wonderful Podcast as I can see! Beautiful Picture By the Way! :)

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I thought that was a picture of global for a second😂

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GA bush flying in Alaska! Taildragger! I’m in

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I believe it is. The aircraft is just imported into the image. Just examine the image a bit and you will see.

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No it’s a painting “Art of Alaska”

Oh I still like listening to podcast. Never minded what they talked about. I just can’t wait to hear more about IF such as the difficulties they suffered through global, and what part of it they enjoyed the most. Would also be nice to see how the payment is working out, weather it is for both live and live +, but that will come when it’s decided.

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