FlightCast Episode 51 - Air Race Pilot Thom Richard

Hey everyone!!

Do ya feel the need for speed? Episode 51 is now LIVE as @jasonrosewell and myself talk with Reno Air Racer Thom Richard about his career and passion for warbirds, air racing, and well, anything aviation! Enjoy and thanks for listening!!


Ooh, I cannot wait to listen to this one!

Great episode Mark and Jason! Definitely worth a listen.

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I would cast a vote towards FDS developing Precious Metal. Old school yet Innovative, pure prop power, and stunning to watch. Great intermittent listen after flipping from you tube and back.


Just finished the episode there! What a great one, he sounds like such an interesting guy with lots of more stories to share! Can’t wait for episode 52

Ah Thom is awesome. Super cool. I’m gonna go listen now.

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