FlightCast Episode 50 - My Aviation History


FlightCast is celebrating 50 episodes! To do that, I had a very special chat with my grandmother over some spaghetti where we went through photos and war medals of my late Great Grandfather, who served in WWII as a pilot and navigator on both the Avro Lancaster and Short Sterling aircraft.

Thanks for listening over these 50 episodes. Here’s to 50 more!


Can’t wait to listen. Congrats on 50 episodes!


50th? Damn, time sure flies. Congratulations for reaching this milestone!


Wow! This is sure to be interesting! I’ll have to watch 😉

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I’m not into this war stuff as much as others but I must say this is pretty amazing. Thanks for sharing! Oh and congratulations, I think we should have an episode if you haven’t already with you talking ba out why you started Flight cast and what you wanted to achieve.


This episode looks really interesting! Definitely will listen to it tonight. Thanks Jason for producing this and congratulations for 50th episode! 😊

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Thank you Jason for sharing personal information and family history. Although the content at time felt slightly macabre, your message shines through. On a side note I’ll admit I felt as if I was listening to a story on NPR, which I hope you will only accept as a compliment. Nice work, great piece, Happy 50th.


@CyLyric, wow, thank you for the very kind words. I agree that it was pretty heavy at times. I was going for a very raw and honest feel so hopefully that’s what you heard. Ira Glass was the inspiration behind the production so that’s definitely a compliment! Cheers.


Do you plan on doing a “celebrating 50 years of FlightCast” episode?

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You might have to wait a while for that…


Really well thought out and really well made. There was something refreshingly different about this one. Thanks for making it.

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@jasonrosewell - Nice to see FlightCast growing, from Episode number 1 -

To episode number 50. I’ve watched almost all FlightCast episodes, thoroughly enjoyed them. I really enjoy listening to FlightCast, keep up the good work!

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Such a great episode,well done man.

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Well done!
Just a question, after 50 episodes of success, where is your next step? What are you planning for? I mean Change is risky road but worth it, not saying that your content is started to get boring, but remember, Love, Innovation, and crearivity are the main points for success, and having new ideas is an attractive hook for the listener.
Good Luck!

Oh I don’t plan on using this format for all episodes. It would take way too much time.


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