FlightCast Episode 44 - Sim Meets Real World

Hey FlightCast Listeners!

Last week’s episode didn’t get shared because I’ve been on vacation, and everyone else dropped the ball (thanks a lot, @Mark_Denton and every single mod). J/K J/K.


This one also features, @THE-OP, @schyllberg, @Brandon_Sandstrom, and @Joe. It was as disastrous as the feature photo suggests. A HUGE uncut version is available to Captain subscribers of FlightCast Cafe as well.



You’re welcome! I just try to do my part.


Looks great! I cannot wait to listen to it later tonight…

Yeah, That was interesting to say, at least.
I need to start using Incognito whenever I use my phone back in Denmark, apparently… 😒

Great podcast as always btw

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Is this episode on YouTube?

Not yet. It will be eventually. I’m on vaca!

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Ok, Thanks anyway, I will check it out when it is uploaded.

You’re missing someone very special in this episode. :(

Well yeah, He´s missing Tyler and I.

I don´t think he´s missing you, you know what people say about people from the Fort-Wayne area…

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Guys thanks for sharing with us , your great moment regarding IF and others staff like Poops and the real world of being father .
Thanks for the new about Global i can wait until all are done and work well.

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Yeah, that was a bit crazy. And it actually got a little more crazy once we were done and i heard what actually happened… But that’s for another time. Haha.

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did they mention global?

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No, we talked about everything besides that. Completely forgot Global. What’s Global? Haha.

Of course we did :)


hahaha, thankyou for replying

You could also get a VPN…

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Nice episode man! I happened to be on the podcast app and saw it long before it was published here ;) glad to hear from all these forum members even if…ahem…I was slightly under fire in the first five minutes. Cough*

hey , does this mean 1gb ram will not work ?

If you listen, it means it currently does not. Has nothing to do with the final product.

oh ok thanks.
I asked, as my device only have 1gb ram