FlightCast Episode 4 - Aernout A380

The Flaps thing is much more appreciated :)


Yeah just saw it! Amazing now you can actually use Airbus’ data for flap setting.


Indeed, one big + for me personally. It just weird to fly the Airbus with degrees of flaps instead of the positions.

@Boeing707, No other screenshots unfortunately.


I like the degrees, but that setting adds to the ambiance of it.

Great Podcast @Aernout! Happy Landings in Zurich, my home airport! :D


Really cool episode. Thanks for sharing!

Btw, the bank angle limitation is something we probably can easily do; @matt would have to support it in the simulation code but we already have the warning sounds ready (granted those are sounds for 737 but it is good enough).


Ill talk to Matt :) That would be so awesome!!

Agreed! Speaking of sounds @philippe, I’d love to hear the airbus autopilot disengage sound when you… well… disconnect the autopilot ;)


Thanks a lot @Aernout

Thanks for sharing - awesome podcast! The best one so far :))

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Awesome episode 🙏🏼

So true what @jasonrosewell said about flying becoming more and more expsensive. I’ve experienced that first hand trying to get hired in the UK.

So much so Ill probably be off to Indonesia to fly C208s for a few years :)

P.S Please look at getting those warning sounds implemented! We are always hearing of things ‘ready’ but rarely seeing them actually being introduced.



I would love to see the ‘Airbus A320 Takeoff sound’ on here added - https://webapp.zedge.net/searchResults/ringtone/4/Aircraft

Thank you both for another excellent and informative podcast!!!


I’m absolutely loving these podcasts, they are so interesting and as somebody who has only begun playing the sim rather recently, it gives so much detail about fanpages/extra features which may be hidden away.

Inter-region flight support is something I would love to see, even if it was a flight from LAX up to San Fransisco. I think even without terrain built throughout the flight and just being able to load in the new scenery as you enter it would be an awesome feature and really open up the sim. Long Haul Aircraft could be really properly used then

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Thanks for the kind remarks, @Matthew_Cashin! I’m glad you like the podcast!

Classified. He can mention the fact that he flies, but revealing details of whom he works for in public is a general no-no. ;)

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Nonya Airline with direct flights to Ya Bidness 😏


Hey Aernout, since you are a professional pilot, how realistic do you think the flight physics are in infinite flight and if there are settings i could change to make it more realistic, what would they be? Thanks I really appreciate your response.

You should listen to the podcast, he talks about all that and a lot more.

He said one of the ME3. And he even hinted indirectly which ME3 he flies for :) Listen to the part where he mentions his favourite airports/destinations. Then you know which one he flies for ;) Out of respect I won’t tell it here…

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I gave you already a hint :D Why don’t you ask @Aernout himself? This is none of my business to be honest.

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