FlightCast Episode 39 - Turboprops in Canada with Duncan Gillespie

Hey everyone!

It’s that time again; a new FlightCast episode has been cleared for takeoff. This time @Mark_Denton and I had the pleasure and privilege of talking to Canadian Dash-8 (and soon to be Embraer) first officer, Duncan Gillespie from Toronto, Ontario. Duncan has a unique approach into Billy Bishop Airport with Sky Regional (Air Canada Express operator), which is on Toronto Island. For people familiar with the now non-existent Chicago Meigs field, you’ll recognize this one!

Be on the lookout soon for some extra Q&A from Duncan on the forum. We couldn’t get to all of your literally hundreds of questions, so he has agreed to answer some more! More to come on that later. Thanks for listening!


P.S. apologies for the length of this episode… I didn’t want to edit anything out, so it’s a long one!



Lovely! Listening now! :D

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Wonderful epsiode as always! Awesome work and thanks for answering my question! :)

It was posted 5 minutes ago, you couldn’t have been through it already :O

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It aired almost 9 hours ago.


I found it on Jason’s site at 12am EST. I listened to it while I was in bed lol!


Oh, well then. I stand corrected!

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I love the picture, where did you get it?

Awesome podcast as usual!

My guest, Duncan took it while flying jump seat on the Q.


Listening now. You can see the smokestack on Google Earth…the one mentioned in the discussion about for landing on RWY26 at Toronto City Airport.


I sort of wish there was more time allocated for community questions, as it would’ve been nice to hear some more. Great episode as always!


@bensonb This could be in the works ;) You’re not the first person to say that, so I’m working on something.


A part two?

Not exactly… just in general for the podcast. Not just this episode. And something much cooler than just a few extra community questions 😎😳


Ahhhh. I can hear the cogs turning.

another brilliant episode!

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@Mark_Denton WHAT?!?

I WISH they would apply those rules to schools in NYC. It’ll be a friggin blizzard going on, and school will still be in session. I swear New York is horrible when it comes to this stuff.

I just started watching you’re podcasts and they are amazing, keep it up!

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