FlightCast Episode 39 Questions Needed!

Hey Everyone,

This week’s interview (next week’s episode) will feature Real World Canadian 🇨🇦 (woohoo!) Q400 pilot, Duncan Gillespie. Duncan flies for an Air Canada Express regional carrier out of Billy Bishop airport in Toronto, Ontario. He previously flew for Porter Airlines, and before that, a 208 on floats for a charter company out of the Toronto Harbour.

Check him out on instagram: @airlineflyingtoronto (Previously @floatflyingtoronto)

I’m looking for questions for Duncan. Please note: Duncan is NOT an Infinite Flight user and because of his busy schedule, isn’t planning on downloading the app in the immediate future. Since that’s the case, any Infinite Flight questions won’t be asked on the show. Mark and I will have some IF discussion at the start of the episode, so if you want to take your chances and ask us anything, feel free and please indicate who your question is for.

Having said that, I’m looking for questions for Duncan related to:

  • The Dash 8
  • Airline Flying in Canada
  • Being based at CYTZ
  • Float Flying in Canada
  • Flying the Caravan

Please avoid asking if he knows your friend who is “also from Canada”.

Interview is tomorrow (Wednesday) around noon EST. Any comments after that won’t be useful (although I fully expect people will continue to ask them after that because this post is now too long to be fully captured in the attention span of the average millennial).



Which airline livery in Canada suits the dash 8 the most?
Which dash 8 airline plane fly out of CTYZ the most that you have seen?

What’s the most you like of the dash 8 ? Maybe compared with other planes

What’s your favourite approach in the dash 8 you have made and why?

What inspired you to become a Q400 pilot and have you ever had to land it on extreme conditions?


OMG this is so exciting! Air Canada 🇨🇦.
I live in Toronto!

What is the quality of the Q400 like?

Is the Q400 a modern aircraft and easy/smooth to fly?

Have you flown any other Dash 8 variant, if so which one is your favourite?

How many flights do you do an a daily basis?

What is the Q400 like in winter conditions?=>Does it fly well (in winter conditions)?
Can you describe some winter scenarios that you’ve experienced?

Do you enjoy flying out of the city airport?


Explain how float flying works. The licensing process and the life style


@jasonrosewell you get the best guests!

You generally ask all the right questions but a few below to add to your list!

Q: Whilst Duncan doesn’t have IF (shame) does he use other commercial flight sims and if so would he say they are help or a hindrance to his day to day life as a professional pilot?

Q: How many sectors a day does he fly in a typical tour and how long is each sector in flight time? Also are there any overnights or are they all out and back from his base?

Q. Career wise moving forward will Duncan have the opportunity to progress to the Main-line Air Canadan Fleet and if so would he go for a Captancy on the Dash first?

Lastly, as Canada is so small (!?!) DO YOU know my Wife’s Aunty Sarah who lives in Vancouver? (:-)) )

looking forward to listening to the next episode. Ever though of doing a segment (if not a whole episode) on the Rise and Fall and Rise again of the VAs…? . Maybe have a couple of the IFVARB as well as one or two Mature people from some of the VAs?


What makes the Q400 stand out from other aircraft you’ve flown?

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He doesn’t know anything really of infinite flight

Just saw that. Thanks

  • In the 2000s the Dash 8 had some ossiers with the gear not locking, and then eventually leading to a collapse. Is that something you have witnessed/seen, and what has been done to avoid that? Referring to SK1209, SK2867 and more. All had issues with their gear, has Air Canada Express had similar issues, or have you ever witnessed an issue with it?

  • Considering that Canada is somewhat French, and have the queen of England as Monarch, does that make it possible to change a Canadian Pilots license to an European Pilots license somewhat easier than FAA to EASA?

  • In the summer I flew on a water plane, that made me wonder, do y’all have designated areas for Take Off and Landing, or is it pretty much wherever there is space?

  • Is it difficult to land a water plane during bad weather? Waves, fog etc.

  • To Mark, Hi Mark.


What is the feeling when landing a Q400 at a small airport like CYTZ?
How did it feel working with a Q400 (advantages/disadvantages)?

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2nd largest country in the world and 35 million people, I completely understand that.


What makes the Q400 unique when flying/ or from the different aircraft that you have flown?

The 208 is a GREAT aircraft. What made you change to the bigger, and perhaps better, Q400?

some people don’t get sarcasm.


How do you like living in Canada?

Why do you live in Canada?

Where do you want to move to?


Question 1: How does Air Canada Express differ from Porter Airlines? (Air Canada Express being a fairly large company, while Porter is still fairly small in comparison)

Question 2: What is your favorite destination that you have flown to? (because of the scenery, the approach, the airport, etc.)

Question 3: I’m not up to date on this but, since you worked for Porter Airlines, what is your view on expanding the runway at Billy Bishop Airport?

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My question
What is float flying ?