FlightCast Episode 36 - Aboard the C-130

Hey FlightCast Listeners!

Our new episode is here just in time for the C-130 release! In this episode, @Mark_Denton and I are joined by Mark’s father, Retired USCG Senior Chief Neal Denton, who worked much of his career on the C-130 for the Coast Guard. Enjoy!



Gr8…after pizza dis is the priority

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Was wondering a couple days ago were this went glad to see it is out thanks for your hard work Jason and everyone else apart of the episode .

You’re very welcome! It releases fortnightly… always :)


I wish school was over…

Looks great. I always get really giddy when I see a new FlightCast episode :D

I listened to the full think last night. Neal Denton is such an amazing guy. Jason great episode as usual. Look forward to the next

Thanks Jason, another outstanding episode again!

thanks for the name check for my questions to the panel as well! ;-)

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That is a cool picture, where did you get it?

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