FlightCast Episode 35 - The Blue Angels & Infinite Flight Development Updates

Hey FlightCast Listeners!

Episode 35 is out and features some questions that YOU sent in on the community forum a few days ago. Thank you to everyone who participated! I’ll list our contributors below, and I do apologize if I miss anyone! Here’s the episode link. Enjoy!


=================== CONTRIBUTORS ===================
@Potato_pilot @Bulba @NismoKits @Cameron_Brown @N1DG @Owen_Anderson @Reety @Patrick_U @SkyHighGuys @Carson


I can only mention 10 contributors per post, but I want to mention you all! Here are some more: @Nicholas_L @Captain_Louis @emil @JoshFly8 @Narroc_Wim @CptNathanHope @Mubashir @Ryan_Vince @g100m @Boeing777x


And finally… @AR_AR @Riley

Thanks, everyone!


*development 😉


Great , going to listen to it now !


In the future, could you write a complete summary about new things you say in the podcast please? There are many not-English people and maybe for some people is difficult listen to an hour podcast, so I think it would be very nice if you will do this! Thanks!

See my previous response. This isn’t possible at this point unless I have volunteers willing to do it.


@Mark_Denton I went and found that video on the C-130 landing on a carrier, check it out.

This thing stops on a dime! lel


@jasonrosewell I don’t think my questions were utterly irrelevant or whatever. I like to see my questions as well thought through and sophisticated.


@jasonrosewell I mean a summary, not all the podcast ;) However if you need a helper to translate the summary in another language, (I can help for Italian), contact me!! Also I think one or more persone could translate in their lenguage the summary, what do you think?

Let’s review:

I rest my case.


Yes, time is still an issue; everything takes time.

If anyone is interested in writing summaries, they are welcome to do so.

Oh well. Point taken. I’ll rest my case.

Okay, thanks @jasonrosewell :)

I stayed up all night listening to it hahaha.

Do we have IF global development update ? No sure to understand

What’s the oldest aerobatics team

Patrouille de France, French Air Force

https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patrouille_de_France[quote=“Wren_Jago, post:18, topic:79817, full:true”]
What’s the oldest aerobatics team

Thank you very much. Not gonna lie I was hoping for the Red Arrows to be the oldest :)

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