Flightcast Episode 32 Teaser

Thanks again everyone, for your questions and interest in FlightCast! Here’s a quick sneak peek at what’s coming for Episode 32 with @Jdichter


Nice can’t wait to listen to this mew episode great job so far

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This mew 🐱 #FREETHECAT Episode has me on my knees wishing it would come out sooner 😉. Just the way he speaks with such passion, I hope one day to enjoy my job that much!
As it is working McDonald’s 25 hrs a week isn’t that amazing 😒.
So thank you Jason and Jared for this teaser

Wow it’s already 32.


Time flies when you are having a fun time


Hey @jasonrosewell, sorry if I’m necroposting but, I think you should host @Maxmustang as a flight cast guest sometime 😁


How do you watch these?

Website: http://flightcast.audio/
YouTube Channel: FlightCast
If you’re on iOS, open the purple podcast app and search for FlightCast, you can download podcasts audio from there.

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i think the next rework plane is the crj series after the prop plane

wow this sounds very interesting.

@Mubashir. I’m honored by your recommendation. I have however demered the Casts invitation. Gooday.


Everyone would love you on FlightCast, Max!

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I would love to live in a house by the airport. I could go plane spotting all day!

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