FlightCast Episode 30 is out!

The best way to enhance your flying experience is by using LiveFlight for Infinite Flight. Cameron Carmichael Alonso is a senior in high school and the developer behind this great app. He’s joined us this week for another chat; this time to talk about LiveFlight 2.0, and the up-and-coming LiveFlight for iOS. In this episode, Cam gives us an inside look into what makes LiveFlight tick, from programming languages to challenges he’s faced along the way. Listen in as Mark, Joe, and Jason do their best not to break the internet again!

[Listen to it Here!] (http://flightcast.audio/podcast/episode-30-nliveflight-for-infinite-flight/)


Finally! Can’t wait to hear it.

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Lol I was at flight cast on YouTube right now and I didn’t see it. Good it is here now.

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Seems like Jason doesn’t need to post about it anymore. I’m going to listen to it while drawing.


I didn’t think I’d beet him to the post so I searched for about 10 minutes before making mine.

Finally…time to listen to the best podcast!!! (Puts in earphones)

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@jasonrosewell you can close mine ;)

I didn’t even see this one! Sorry, man. I appreciate you posting, and I’ll do a better job at searching next time :)


I added a duplicate post accidentally but it’s pinned… Check it out here: FlightCast Episode 30 - LiveFlight for Infinite Flight. Thanks for listening!

Best let Jason post these as it is his thing guys 🙂