FlightCast Episode 29 is Out!


I have been waiting forever for the new FlightCast episode to be released and it’s finally here! This week features YouTuber Daniel Goz, known as Dantorp Aviation, so be sure to take a listen!

Thanks to @jasonrosewell for always being committed to this podcast and thanks to @Mark_Denton for always providing humor and wit to the episodes! :)


Dang you beat me to it! I was literally writing the thread when I saw this! @jasonrosewell ABSOLUTELY AWESOME EPISODE!!!
I was laughing at Mark’s jokes the whole way…you guys make me so happy :)


It was released 32 minutes ago and it’s almost an hour long! How did you have time to listen to it?? 😳

Glad you guys love it.


I can’t watch it yet. I have to go to school😞


I meant I was listening to the last ten minutes or so when I posted that. I just get so enthralled in your episodes! Jason you are the god of infinite flight 👍🏼📸📸📸📸📸📝📸📸📸

I am listening to it now :)

You sure you’re ok?


can you watch it off of itunes podcasts or something else?

Ur not Nathan…


@CptNathanHope and @anon18652062 illuminati confirmed

@jasonrosewell 42:50 M7 Mood 616? Where did you get that from? That’s definitely not my Instagram…

Mark always add funny humor to these. I love it and I woke up at 3:00am and watched this.

It’s a podcast not a highly anticipated movie, even then I wouldn’t waste me sleep do get up and watch anything

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I usually wake up at around 3:00am to 4:00am on a daily basis.

Why? I couldn’t do that 😂, I might go to sleep at that time some days but not wake up then

I’ve been doing this for most of my life now. It’s usual. That’s how I get to see all the flightcasts.

This is a podcast where some developers and moderators talk about IF and aviation, it’s hosted by Jason Roswell but no it’s not a movie

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I watch it on YouTube but whatever device podcast app you have you can watch it there.

Click on the picture at the top of this topic, this one features a popular avaiation YouTuber

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