FlightCast Episode 28

Who has listened to the new FlightCast Episode? It’s sooo good!


Check out Jason’s new website!!! “It looks great, real good” according to Mark ;) ❤️✈️

Here is the link to @jasonrosewell’s sight http://flightcast.audio/


Haven’t listened to it yet, planning on listening to it as soon as school finishes. Can’t wait!


Can you add a address link plz or a website to go to

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Here’s the YouTube link - FlightCast Episode 28 – 1 Year of FlightCast - YouTube

You can also find it on Apple podcast.

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I just listened to it! Love it! I hope the new plane Philippe mentioned is the cobalt co50

Thanks that helps a lot

That would be amazing

Favorite plane of all time. I have a topic about it on the forum! Laura personally knows the CEO, and has mentioned she would like to see it in game

If Laura has mentioned it that would be amazing!!!

Just read the comments on mt topic

Will do but please let’s keep this to the point of the thread. but i will check

I am lol. He mentioned a new plane. Speculation

Thanks! Yeah

What time did he say it


It’s really nice to listen to the podcast while browsing the community :)

They hinted at a new aircraft, not an airliner!

Exactly!! I love listening to it while I’m reading forum threads or flying an aircraft

My feedback:

Aww man, I was so hype for Phillipe to hint at the MD-11, then he said it’s not a commercial airliner. Hopes destroyed. 😢

According to a couple posts on the forum from Laura and Joe, and then hearing this podcast, I think that gear tilt is definitely the next feature on the list once the devs figure out how to get it done.

That pun was amazing @jasonrosewell. It gave me a good laugh! 😂


I think it is F-35

Nice Advertisment Mark…

Thanks @SkyHighGuys! Now I don’t have to do my regular post :) Glad you guys are loving it!