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@carson exposed!!!1

according to skyhawk heavy,

carson is grounded!!11

The clown idea is more accurate


Great comment about the thick skin, that’s something that is essential for a good moderator, or a good forum member. Great interview @MishaCamp!

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Thank you sir

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I liked your comment saying how the slightest insult can be taken as offensive by some members. We are all different, what may appear as a joke to some may be taken as an insult to a child. That’s very empathetic of you mishabae.


It was for you as I know you’re a sensitive soul CJ


@jasonrosewell one of my new favorite episodes!!! ❤️❤️
@MishaCamp I’m glad to finally get to hear your voice and listen to you in the podcast! Thank you for everything you have done! I appreciate you my friend :)
@Mark_Denton still got that gravelly awesome voice ;)

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Awesome interviews @jasonrosewell and thanks for the shout out @Mark_Denton😊👍🏼 and yes anyone working for FDS especially real world pilots are disqualified for all competitions 😊😉👍🏼 But still the best no flaps landing I have ever seen. 📽📽

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I mean it in a way like “you have no idea what you are talking about and I don’t know what to say… Better just smile and keep quiet” :)

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Yeah I have to give @MishaCamp credit for that comeback. Even a blind hog will find an acorn every now and again.


Join up the Podcast Anniversery Flight tomorrow at 1400Z. Here is the thread for more information

People included are Misha Camp and Jason himself!!! I am so pumped for this and the more aircraft and pilots the more enjoyable it will be.

@Mark_Denton do you have a video submission thread?

Video submission for?

The YouTube tutorials

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Yes those…do you have a thread on topic suggestions?

Tutorials category

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