FlightCast Episode 25 - Infinite Flight Update

What aircraft is the Northwest airline for?

I think it’s for the a319.

Congrats on the 25th, Jase. That’s another great episode! Thanks to Tyler, Joe and Mark. You guys rock.


Thanks, everybody! I love the positive feedback!

And FYI to those that didn’t see on facebook, the FlightCast YouTube channel was taken down (I believe in error since the process is automated) and suspended. The reason is still unknown to me and all I know is that it apparently violated some community terms of service. It could be because I was always linking to other websites in the comments. That would be weird though because I’ve seen lots of other channels do that on their videos.

Anyway, sorry for the YouTube malfunction, but you can always find it on my website and your favourite podcast app. Happy landings!


Keep up the good work! 👍🏼🛬

Which app did you download

Where do I listen episode 25 and others too. plz reply fast.

The podcast app on iOS and there are several podcast apps for free on android.

You can also go to http://flightcast.audio

Episode 25 is here http://flightcast.audio/podcast/episode-25-infinite-flight-update/

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Is it a free app

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Jason I have already gotten it. I’m pumped for the next episode! Done only the way @jasonrosewell can ;)

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