FlightCast Episode 24 - Jessie Roberts (@speedbird203)

Hi Everyone!

This week I had the privilege of talking with @speedbird203 to continue our real life pilot series! Jessie and @Mark_Denton and I had a blast in this episode. Check it out!



Thanks for listening, and please enjoy!

  • Jason

do an episode with me, i was involved in IF doing nothing

So why should they interview you LOL

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Now I can tease Jessie ;) Great as always

because i did nothing, and nothing is a thing i did

Actually @R_Jordanian, Jessie talks about you specifically in the episode. Listen closely.


me? which minute?

I’m not going to tell you that. That would take all the fun out of it. Don’t be lazy ;)

ahh i belived you

And that is how you occupy someone for hours on end.


btw he didnt mention me

You really haven’t twigged have you :)

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