FlightCast Episode 20 - Lift

Hey, podcast fans!

Episode 20 is now live and features Moderators @Tyler_Shelton, @Joe, and @Mark_Denton, for a fun chat about some new features in Infinite Flight, and a cool chat about the phenomenon of lift! Please enjoy!

We’ve also launched a new landing competition - listen to this episode for details on how you can win a FREE month of Live on Infinite Flight! Good luck!



Awesome audio cast as always.

Looking forward to the upcoming ATC features. Which I’m also interested in how much chaos it’s going to create for pilots and ATC for the first few weeks, until they have learnt it. ;)

Thanks for letting the IF community & pilots know @Mark_Denton, @Tyler_Shelton.


Hey, can you release a transcript if possible i dont have much time to watch these podcasts so reading seems the only possibility for a while (till exams over). Thx :)

Sir, while I’d love to have transcripts for every episode, they take many hours to compile. Listening is your only option I’m afraid.

Cool. Wish I could’ve been there too, sounds like fun. Great work as always. :)

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