FlightCast Episode 2 Available to Stream Now!

Hi Folks!

Another Episode of FlightCast is wheels up and at cruising altitude! This week we were lucky to have @carmalonso on to discuss everything from Infinite Flight to music. Have a listen, and enjoy! As always, we look forward to you comments and episode ideas!

See more at http://flightcast.audio


Get Matt Laban 😜

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Guys, we’ll have Matt on eventually. Also, as always, you can ask questions in the comments on the blog, on Twitter or on our Facebook page. We may do live tweet Q&A on the next episode so be sure to follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/flightcastaudio


Where can I watch this

ITunes Podcast and search " Flightcast" there is no watching involved, only listening.

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Hey Cameron!

I’m from the UK to,but I have been to Mallorca and Majorca several times each!

I’ve currently got a place in Southern Spain (Costa Blanca)

We’ll have to meet up sometime if I go back ;)

Cheers @carmalonso

Cool, must be nice around there! Lucky to have a place there ;)

By the way, “Mallorca” and “Majorca” are the same place, “Majorca” being the spelling the British tend to use for it :)

Oops, I meant Mojacar It’s a big resort on the south coast! Very nice beach there…

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