FlightCast Episode 17 - Turboprops Part 2

Hey, podcast fans!

Episode 17 is now out with our friend, @PH-AJO! Ard Jan was a huge part of the Dash 8 testing and tweaking during development, and is a real world Q400 first officer.




“just doing his cpl with easyjet” um… ok… that doesn’t make sense because he’s not doing a CPL with Easyjet… he’s doing a CPL with CTC or Oxford or FTE not with Easyjet… you do your line training with an airline not your actual training… I’m sure this was just said by accident but great podcast love them :p

Thanks for so gracefully pointing that out, publicly. I’ll try harder.


You get a frozen ATPL (i.e the CPL) with a flight school like that. You then do your type rating with the airline you go to work with and also work with the airline for a certain number of hours to unfreeze your ATPL - so you are still doing your CPL with the airline. So once you gain the required experience at CPL/IR level the airline you get issued your ATPL.

You are still therefore doing your licence at the airline so it does make sense - but you know he is only a pilot going through the process so what would he know ;)

EDIT: and just to add to the complexity U2 also do a specific MPL programme which differs from the traditional ATPL route. More details here http://www.caeoaa.com/easyjet/#.VumiI19WLDc

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you just outlined exactly what i was saying but no you have a job at an airline you don’t do a CPL with them

haha I’m sorry Jason I’m the most annoying member on this site I’m very blunt :p nothing personal i do love these podcasts :p