FlightCast E49 - Airline Pilot Career with Dale McLaughlin


In this week’s episode of FlightCast, IFATC Dale McLaughlin returned for a career update. Last time we spoke with Dale, he had just completed his multi-engine training in Arizona, USA. A short year and a half later, he is now first officer for EasyJet on the A320 family of jets. Enjoy!


I really enjoy these episodes. Looking forward to seeing this one!

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Thanks! And as it turns out, you are mentioned in this one 🙂


Great episode Jason!

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Amazing episode Jason. Really enjoyed listening to it. Great to hear about what its like as a pilot IRL. I hope you do more like this in the future.

Would you care to share the exact date you told Dale after you finished recording ;)


Awesome episode Jason! Time to get the FlightCast mug out, poor some Starbucks in, and listen.

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This was by far, the best episode we have had yet!


Looks like a great episode! I will have to when I’m flying sometime

I love this guy’s last name!

Another wonderful episode and being a regular Easyjet flyer I particularly enjoyed this one. Keep up the great work guys.

Kudos to Jason, Mark and also Dale. Great podcast really enjoyed it. Refreshing to hear pilots progressing like this and enjoying what they do.

Wow. Great episode! Really interesting to hear all about Dale and his job!

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