FlightCast Developer Series with Val is up next! Got questions?

Excitement is in the air around here with Global on the horizon. One of the people making this happen is Infinite Flight developer, @ValXp. This week, Val joins Mark and I for a feature chat on his role with Flying Development Studio and Infinite Flight. And sorry, ladies/gentlemen, he’s not single so don’t even ask. Hot though… I know.

Fire away!


Hey Val! What is your favorite commercial aircraft ? :)


What inspired you to make Infinite Tracker/ leave the startup you were at to join the FDS team? Where you just looking for a change or what?


What is it like designing an aircraft? what do you reference? what is the hardest part?

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Probably important to realize that Val works mostly on UI design, Airports, and rendering (I think). Not sure if he does any work actually designing aircraft. We’ll find out soon enough, though :)


Are you looking to update Infinite Tracker in the future?

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Which aspect within Infinite Flight, are you most proud of that you worked on? I realize that you, as a developer will be pleased with how things have turned out overall, but what key feature are you most proud of? Thanks for all of the work that you do, and I look forward to seeing your work as shown upon the release of global.


Is he single?

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

Here’s my real question(s)- how did you come about going into this field (developing)? What advice do you have for aspiring developers? How much of an issue is it to stay up-to-date on the ever changing coding field?


For those of us on the community that don’t know you all that well, especially with your role within the FDS team being incredibly behind-the-scenes, let’s get to know you better. Can you give a short autobiography of yourself covering most of the relevant details about your life?

Some questions to think about when answering this:

  • Where were you born?
  • How did your parents influence your childhood with any expectations and or boundaries they had set for you?
  • What interests/hobbies did you hold during your childhood and did those change often?
  • What is your educational background?
  • What is a memorable moment during your childhood/teen years?
  • How has your career path influenced you since it started?
  • How did you come to work for FDS and developing Infinite Flight?
  • Anything else you feel is relevant to include?

Val: Do you think the low resolution looks better/more realistic than the higher resolution. If so why and if not why?
PS. Jason great work on your Woman in Aviation. I just finished the most recent episode. All thumbs up for me 👍🏼👍🏼!


Val Airbus or Boeing and which plane is your favorite from each? 🙃


What has been your favourite place to fly to in Global?

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I absolutely do! Not sure why tho…

Ikr. The lower rendering resolution looks more realistic just because of the earthy look too it . The higher rendering resolution makes it look too cartoony and straight out of a animated Film. For now I would actually prefer the fly with the lower rendering 😂😀

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It’ll work better and flow smoother with the device aswell…


Who is your crush in FDS ( not including yourself)😉

What is the biggest project where you have done a great deal in developing at FDS ( not including global)

What is your favourite registration in IF


What did you work on for global and what were the main challenges while developing it?

How often are you planning to send scenery pushes in Global? :))


The rumor is that you’re the one causing all the bugs so the Beta/Alpha testers don’t go lazy. Care to comment on that? ;)


Will you go back & update Infinite tracker & add more features to help with global?

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