FlightCast Cafe: From Spotter to Flying with Chris Leipelt

Hey everyone!


A new FlightCast Cafe post is available to all Cafe subscribers. IFATC and forum member, @cleipelt and his brother Owen took me flying in San Francisco and we met up with Laura Laban in her Citabria at Half Moon Bay for brunch! @Tyler_Shelton and @Stephen_Wilson joined us as well.

In this feature video, Chris shares his story of how he is getting deeper into aviation. To become a FlightCast Cafe member, head to flightcast.audio/cafe. Enjoy!




Is there a way to listen if we already are subscribed to LiveFlight? I know that you said something regarding LiveFlight and FlightCast with some special offer.

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Yes - you received an email with a unique promo code to try FlightCast Cafe for one month if you were a LiveFlight Horizon subscriber last week. But remember, that’s only for Crew Members, and they have access to videos that are 7 days prior to their signup date and on. So to see this video as a crew member, sign up soon ;)

Who would I have recieved that email from, LiveFlight? If so, I haven’t gotten an email with a promo code. 😳

Yessir. If you are a Horizon subscriber and were one two weeks ago, that’s when the email went out.

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