FlightCast C-130 Questions

Hey everyone,

In just over 24 hours I’ll have the privilege and honor of interviewing someone that knows @Mark_Denton very well… his dad! Neal Denton worked as a crew member on the Lockheed C-130 for United States Coast Guard. Now retired, he’s joining us to share some of his adventures and talk about this iconic bird. I’m also hoping to hear a few stories about Mark ;)

Please comment below with your questions and we’ll ask the ones that seem applicable as we learn about Neal’s career!

FAQ to consider before asking:

  • Q. Will the C-130 be free? A. Not too friggin likely.
  • Q. When is the release date? A. Literally nobody knows.
  • Q. When will Mark make his announcement? A. Joke’s over.
  • Sorry, I won’t sing on the podcast.

Will there be multiple grey liveries with just the text changed? I was wondering about this


For marks dad, what was the best part of the job?


All for Marks Dad:
Can you tell how the aircraft handles differently with the different payloads?
Did/do you prefer the newer or the older variations?
Do you think @Mark_Denton would be a good C-130 pilot?

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How do you like the C-130?
Have you had a chance to fly the C-130 in IF?
What is your favorite thing on the C-130?
How do you think the C-130 flies?
What is your favorite C-130 livery?


When flying in the c-130 for the coast guard what was the most interesting/challenging day of your career.

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Please note: Neal did NOT fly the C-130.

  • What’s your favourite livery on the C-130?
  • What was your coolest adventure as a crew member on the C-130?
  • What makes the C-130 so special in your opinion?

Looking forward to the podcast! :)

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Will the C-130 storage/payload area be detailed and/or accessible?

Will the C-130 have a co-pilot view?


Added the in I meant too in the first place!

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how did you get into working in the C-130?

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How do you like working on the C-130?

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Neal, I know we haven’t met, but here are my questions:
What motivated you to join the Coast Guard? How did you end up working on this “iconic bird”? How proud are you of Mark? (He is an amazing moderator here and I am so blessed to have him here. Your son is incredible.


Hi Neal, you were stationed with my late grandfather at the Clearwater Base in St. Pete, Florida. What did the average day in a C-130 entail?


To mark and Neal what’s the best thing about the c130.
To mark will the c130 have Swedish airforce livery?

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The change in text represents specific bases. For example, in a recent shot you can see the “FT” on the tail which is for Flying Tigers, based out of Moody AFB where I work. You’ll notice a few different ones, some more recognizable than others. I love the selection of C130s we have for you!


I thought that @Mark_Denton said in the podcast he flew??

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For Mr Denton Snr

Q: in the USCG what was the typical crew complement of the C-130 ( pilots, flight engineer, crew chief, loading master etc)

Q. What was the longest flight that you undertook with the USCG, was the crew argmented ( increased) at all?

For Mr Denton Jnr ( and other IRL Pilots)

Q. When flying on IF do you prefer to fly using the cockpit view or use only the HUD view?

For Jason:

Please don’t sing ;-)


David L


What was your most unique experience with the C-130?
Since Jason said you didn’t fly, what was your role as apart of the crew ?

He said he flew on the C-130. Subtle but important detail!