Flightcast 1 year Anniversary @ KSAN - 062200ZAUG16

Server: Advanced

Region: SoCal

Airport: KLAX

Time: 2200Z

Event Details: We will be celebrating the Flightcast 1 year anniversary that it is hosted by @jasonrosewell in SoCal, we will fly from KSAN to KLAX at FL160 With Speed of 330 Knots using any FDS Liverty, if not available B737-700 Generic is good.

NOTAM:Do not exceed 550 kts GS (Ground Speed) below FL400.
I Need:1. 1 Parking manager
2. Advanced Controllers

please fill this if you want to join or to be involved

Thanks for the people who will join and thank Jason for making this podcast for IF


The 06 at the beginning is the date i

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Who is Moussa? He want to join, i cant find him here

Bumping this…
Event is very soon, so please let us fill this up!

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Are we allowed to fly any plane with the FDS Livery or specifically the Boeing 737-700?

Its FDS, Sure

Ok, I’ll be there…

I’ll be their

I’ll be there in my generic 787-9

FDS? New to all this! TIA

Please start spwaning now at ksan T1

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