Hey Quick question!

Does FlightAware track flights in Europe , Middleeast , etc … differently then flights in the U.S?

Idk which category to put this in.

Yup! It does look like you can track flights from all around the world in Flightaware

I know but it acts differently from US flights

May I ask what you mean by “differently”?

The only difference as far I’m concerned is the lack of flight plans and charts outside.

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Exactly what I mean. It doesn’t have the flight plan and sometimes doesn’t even say “ Scheduled in _____ “

Flightaware and many more websites like this only have these features in the United States

however you can “Track” Every flight around the world

shows you a a number of flight plans for flights up to a day before their departure from anywhere. The sources the people use are access to the airline filed flight plans.

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